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1. Start the fire 

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In this our article, we will recommend making the fire with paper or finite branches, wood or medium branch, and coal. “In that order, it fits from the bottom up and turns on in the same order. If you are in trouble and need speed, coal used, but if you have time, there is no wood. We also expressed some techniques and explained a brief step by step to light up the fire correctly:

As a first step, place a base of paper rolls and then the firewood or coal. “It is always advisable to check that they are not wet.” Then, turn on and then add some paper rolls until they are well lit.

Firewood or coal? It always depends on the cut and the size to be roasted, the difference between the two is noticeable in the long-cooking cuts. Firewood generates a fresh and smoky taste.

“The next step, when the grill finished, is to distribute under the grill; the height of the grill should be between 15 or 20 cm high,” we suggested.

2. The Provoleta

” Let air, pass them by cornstarch and direct to the best gas grills with powerful fire, to burn, repeat on the other side,” they shared as a secret of a great provocation from barbecue experts. 

The barbecue chef added her recipe: “So that the provoleta comes out crispy on the outside and smooth inside; We advise you to take it out of the refrigerator and leave it outdoors in an area where the air circulates and turn it on both sides, so the cheese starts to harden on both sides. The fire must be intense; it placed on the grill; it must be cooked between 3 to 4 minutes on both sides to make it crispy.” 

3. Preparing before grilling the meat

Firstly, we put the achuras on fire – chickpea, morcilla, chinchulines, gizzard. Then pass the damp cloth and clean the grill again and arrange the meats. Next, do this so as not to contaminate the different cuts with other tastes. Moreover, it is good to have a virulana or a metal brush to get things that have stuck.

For the achuras, put the sausages slowly to have them ready as a welcome to the guests and the black pudding to heat them to a soft side since this cooked and only needs to be heated. For those who also like to grill vegetables to eat them as a companion or for the simple fact that they do not consume meat, they always go first to the embers, among the most common are potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, peppers, and chili peppers.

4. Meat cooking

When placing the meat on the grill, it is essential the temperature in which it located; the most homemade way is to put your hand over the sector where we are going to place the piece to cook and count until it starts to burn. If we count between seven to nine seconds, we have a medium heat. 

And the expert also added: “Always start cooking large pieces first, like a rib, remove two hours before the refrigerator to start taking the temperature. Then salt on sides and bring to grill on the side of the bone until golden brown, and the meat begins to separate from the bone, and the surface is already warm. Approximately at a constant temperature, it takes between 40 to 50 minutes of cooking before turning, and the total cooking takes between 70 to 90 minutes so that you are ready to serve. ” 

5. Pig slaughter 

“Fold the pork slaughterhouse in 2 or 4 depending on the size. Please put on the grill on the side of the fat, cook it on one side and the other. So you can maintain and regulate the cooking if you have to adjust the times. Before serving, to put the fast and robust fire next to the meat so that it gilds.

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