Hi, my name is Bethanie Gilliam – the owner of Fiesta Grill.

Welcome to my little corner, where I share with you all of my Grilling experiences, recipes and all the tips about foods that I’ve learned throughout the years. Since you are here, let me tell you a story of how I got into this journey of grilling and blogging.

Back in the old days when I was little, I used to be a reserved kid. I had one best friend at the time and to your surprise, I only hung out with her. Everything started to change when my friend moved away and I had no one to befriend with. I was always hiding in my room and tried to avoid as much social contact as possible.

Noticing my sadness, my parents held grilling parties once every two months in order to force me to be more socialized. Their friends brought their kids to the party and I did have a good time playing with them. As I grew the love for those small gatherings, it dawned on me that grilling parties equal happiness. 

Since then, I have always been a fan of grilling foods as they remind me of how easily we can put smiles on everyone’s faces, with good foods and gatherings. And I realize it is my passion to spread love and happiness not only to people around me but also to people around the world. 

To run this website, I need to have a team to create all the great pieces of content you can see in the blog.

We not only take more effort to assess the various products but also research with some leading brand specialists to create fantastic content and reviews for readers or uses. Moreover, We provide you with excellent content and smartest matching applications which take the most advantage of our cutting edge technology to bring a lot of benefits to buyers.

After scanning through our reviews and products on the website, we hope that all of you will make a quick choice before purchasing your favorite items. With the click of your mouse, you can get access to our content quickly according to interactive feedback and related information. In reality, both clients and plant owners want a reliable resource to share and reply during their working and buying period.

Welcome to FiestaGrill, where you can find the best tips and information about grilling!

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From our perspective, motivating readers to write reviews about every aspect of grills along with famous brands. Therefore, we commit to support you at any time and make you enjoy when visiting our site.

Last but not least, If you are going to keep in touch with our reviews. Or, if you need any query, you can make the best use of our contact forms or you can send me a direct email at bethanie@fiestagrill.com. Thank you so much!